A live Corner for Strong Drum Sounds
A Wenger vocal Booth for Clear Upfront Vocals
The Mocking Bird / Moulton Rooms  
In short, we’ve built a new studio for you! Our Mocking Bird Moulton Rooms are designed by internationally renowned, Grammy nominated audio engineer and acoustician

David Moulton one of the audio industry’s leading experts on recording, acoustics, and musical reproduction. Through years of theoretical research and practical experience, Dave has developed a set of acoustic principles that have found real-world application at Mocking Bird. Since we are located on the ground floor of a brand new building we were able to fully implement all of the details of Dave’s approach to acoustic design. Using cutting-edge building materials and acoustic treatments, our rooms were built for one purpose and one purpose only: to be a great recording studio for you.

We’ve applied Dave’s basic premise that, in recording studios, each room must be optimized to interact well with one of two very different sound sensitive devices: the microphone and the human ear. That’s because our ears and microphones “hear” things in entirely different ways. Therefore, our Mocking Bird Moulton Acoustic Room is sonically optimized to maximize the ability of our lab grade microphones to accurately receive and transmit the real sound of your instrument be it electric or acoustic. The Mocking Bird Moulton Control Room, on the other hand, is designed to optimize the interaction of your ears and our incredibly accurate stereo monitor speakers, therefore helping to create a better final mix of your tracks. Additionally, Mocking Bird features a custom Wenger Vocal Isolation Booth for more accurate vocal reproduction. For those about to blast, we offer our Amp Isolation Closet. If you have an amp that starts to sound its best when turned up to 11, we can put it right in this specially designed space so we won’t disturb the neighbors (or your band mates!)