Mocking Bird Recording Studio

In-House Pre-Production Protocol

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“What We Do to Be Ready for Your Session”


At Mocking Bird, we begin with the end in mind:

A satisfied customer with a great sounding recording.


At Mocking Bird Recording Studios we do everything we can to provide you with a creative environment and relaxed atmosphere conducive to capturing your best performance. We aspire to be your partner in helping you to achieve the results you want to hear. Utilizing our collective 25 years of experience on both sides of the control booth window, we've brainstormed and researched for new ways to help Mocking Bird clients do just that. To that end we have recently completed a top down and all around review of our in-house studio procedures. As a result, we have restructured our approach to maximize our service to you. We place a heavy emphasis on advance preparation for every session both for the client and the studio staff.


To better prepare ourselves for your session, we’ve developed Mocking Bird's "In-House Preparedness Protocol". This includes a revamped session scheduling process and a 25-point checklist that our staff follows before the start of every session. At Mocking Bird, when you walk in, we’ll be ready.





Mocking Bird Recording Studio


In-house Pre-Production Protocol Checklist



c  All three studio rooms clean and organized


c  Rest rooms clean and in working order


c  Load-in walkways clear


c  Ventilation / cooling / heating in working order


c  Water cooler loaded and/or bottled water available.


c  All unnecessary gear and misc. stuff removed from studio rooms


c  Acoustic Room gear present, in working order and powered up


c  Control Room gear present, in working order and powered up


c  Computer project file set up


c  Client log on hand


c  Client log reviewed by engineer


c  Pre-Session Questionnaire reviewed by engineer


c  Client Needs Assessment reviewed by engineer


c  Client Project Information Form reviewed by engineer


c  Session Agenda complete and available


c  Engineer ready to greet client at door