Mocking Bird Recording Studios

Custom Service System

Free and Optional Extras


 Free Extras!



You Control the Cost Session Rates

Flexible menu of recording packages, options and discounts.


FreeBee Set-Up Time

You get 30 minutes of FREE SET UP TIME immediately prior to the start of your first session. 


 Ready-to-Rock In-House Preparedness Protocol

In-house 15-point checklist our staff follows to ensure that when you walk in, we’ll be ready.


 Patented Primer on Pre-Session Preparedness

25 pages of advice to help you prepare for your session.


Inquisitive Minds Pre-Session Questionnaire

An opportunity for you to educate the engineer on your musical background and tastes.


Song Arrangement and Tracking Guide

Guideline form so you can provide a general description of each song; to be used for engineer’s reference during the session.


Minding Your Mix Guide

Your guide to helping to create a great mix.


Cover Art and Liner Notes Preparation Guide

Step by step guide to helping you communicate what you want for your CD packaging.


 Are You Really Sure You're Ready?” Checklist

Checklist of main points from Primer on Pre-Session Preparedness.



Go Back Jack and Do it Again Discount Program **

If you book another session within 90 days of your last mixing session, you'll get a certificate for $5 off of each hour you reserve in advance.

** Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, package or special program.




 Optional Services Available at Your Request:




Pre-Session Studio Rehearsal Option *  

For $25 per hour you can rent the Acoustic Room for rehearsal. If you rent the room for the hours immediately preceding the session, the price drops to $20 per hour.


 Pre-Session Consultation with Engineer

An opportunity for you to meet with your engineer in advance of your session. $50 per hour.


Professional Producer Package

Full Producer services available on any session for an additional charge. 


 Money Saving Mixing Method

If you choose to schedule your mixing sessions separately from your tracking sessions, you get a price reduction on the per hour rate for your mixing sessions. Be sure to ask your Mocking Bird rep for more info on this.

* Subject to Acoustic Room availability and session deposit payment.

Also Available:

Mastering, CD Duplication, Cover Art Design and Printing, Session

Musicians, Music Composition, Archiving, Hard Drives,

DAT Data Backup, Master CD’s.

Don’t forget to visit our retail and music education center for all you pre-session needs: Guitar set-ups, strings, drum heads and more!